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Bryant Middle School

Parent Letter Regarding Learning Labs & Asynchronous Learning

It is hard to believe that we have been in school for a little over a month.  I appreciate the efforts of our teachers, the support from parents and the engagement of each student.

Bryant teachers have been providing instruction to students using both synchronous and asynchronous methods to engage students.  We are learning that students who show up eager to learn during Zoom video lessons are able to learn in spite of the difficulties.  We also celebrate that many of our students are working independently to learn grade-level content.

During asynchronous learning, students are to be working independently to complete assignments or meet with their teacher independently or in small groups.  Teachers are scheduling one to one meetings or small group lessons in the afternoon to meet student needs.  This individualized support will result in higher academic achievement for the participants.  It is imperative that your child use the afternoon time to complete assignments or meet with their teacher(s).  Asynchronous learning is not meant to be a free afternoon for students.  Students and teachers should both be working as they would during a traditional school day.

Last week, teachers were instructed to set up meeting times with students each afternoon. If a teacher schedules a virtual learning lab with your child, it is not an optional event.  In order for students to achieve during these unconventional times, it is important that all assignments are completed.  If a virtual learning lab is scheduled, that student MUST attend and participate in the learning.  Students who attend these meeting times will have a greater potential to be successful. 

If your child does not participate in the academic program provided, it may put your child at risk of not learning the content which may result in a failing grade for the course.  If your child is selected to participate in a virtual learning lab with a teacher, please make sure that your child is attending the session.  In addition, the afternoon hours have been designed to give your child ample time to complete their assigned work.  Students who take advantage of the learning opportunities each afternoon will learn and have a successful remote learning experience.

Please continue to take care of yourself, your family and loved ones. Bryant Middle School is committed to supporting our families and assisting in any way possible. We believe that by working together we can help your child succeed during these challenging times.  

Parent Letter – Learning Labs & Asynchronous Learning (English & Arabic)