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Bryant Middle School

Learning Labs @ Bryant

The week of September 21st was our scheduled start to in-person Learning Labs throughout the District and right here at Bryant.  Since March, the safety and well-being of students and staff has been at the forefront of our decision making process. With that in mind, the District has decided to delay the start of in-person Learning Labs until conditions in Wayne County, and specifically in Dearborn, show a declining trend in the number of COVID 19 cases.   

The current weekly average COVID-19 positivity rates for Wayne County remain at 5.9%, higher than the 5% threshold the District had established as one of several indicators for conducting in-person Learning Labs. The District, and our team of nurses, is in consent contact with health officials at Wayne County and meet with them weekly to review data and conditions. 

If we have learned anything since March, it’s the importance of being flexible and having the ability to adjust to the current situation. We will move forward with our planed virtual Leaning Labs to provide Bryant students with the support they may need.  I hope that we will be able to start our in-person learning labs within the next few weeks but unfortunately I do not have an exact date at this time. We will make every effort to inform parents and students at least a week before we start any in-person labs.    

I truly understand that this has been a very different start to our school year and I appreciate the patients that all of you have demonstrated as we all go through this together. I am confident that by continuing to work cooperatively we will make this a successful year filled with learning for all.  

Mr. Denison, Principal