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Bryant Middle School

(M-STEP) Testing Begins the Week of April 16th

Hello Bryant Families,

Your child will bring home a letter tomorrow, regarding the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP).  Although the testing window for administering these tests began Monday, April 9, we will not start testing until the week of April 16th.  Students will take all M-STEP tests online.

Students in grades 6 – 8 will take the English language arts and the mathematics assessments, which will include both open-ended response and multiple choice questions. The science tests and the social studies tests will be given to 8th graders. The science and social studies assessments will only include multiple choice questions.

Please see M-STEP assessment schedule below:

 Grade 8           M-STEP Testing Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
April 16

April 17


April 18


April 19

Social Studies – AM

Science – PM

April 20
April 23

April 24

Math – AM

April 25 April 26

April 27



Grade 6           M-STEP Testing Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
April 30

May 1


May 2


May 3


May 4
May 7

May 8


May 9


May 10

May 11


Grade 7                       M-Step Testing Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
May 7

May 8


May 9

May 10

Math – AM

May 11

May 14


May 15 May 16 May 17 May 18

*Bolded and underlined areas are testing dates for students.

 Please review with your child the following test-taking tips.

Before the Test:

*Develop a positive attitude. Tell yourself, “I will do my best on this test.”
*Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test.
*Get up early enough to avoid hurrying to get ready for school.
*Eat a healthy breakfast.

During the Test:

*Relax and stay calm.
*Listen carefully to the directions the teacher gives.
*Ask questions if you don’t understand what to do.
*Read each question carefully. Find the keywords. Try to figure out what the question is really asking.
*Read the entire question and look at all the answer choices.
*Use strategies you learned in class to figure out the answer
*Take your time picking the best answer.

Please find an attached copy of the letter that will be sent home with the students.

M-STEP Parent Letter March 2018 – ENGLISH

M-STEP parents letter – ARABIC