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Bryant Middle School

2016-17 Academic Games Season

Once again, for the fifth straight year, the Bryant Academic Games team won the Dearborn Schools League Championship.  With five 8th-graders and five 7th-graders on their varsity team, Bryant scored 298 points out of a possible 300 during the 5 weekly tournaments and won by 29 points.

Academic Games is a program where a student plays a game against two other players with number cubes and a game board.  The game involves knowledge of Math operations and exponents and the skills and abilities to outwit your opponents.  During weekly League tournaments, 150 players from all Dearborn middle schools meet at Stout to play.  The top 10 players from each team are considered the Varsity team and their scores combine towards the league championship.
Bryant brings around 28 students each week to the tournaments, and many beyond the varsity players are successful.  This year Bryant had 19 out of the top 25 scorers from all schools.  Four Bryant students – Almunthir Elhady (8th), Andrew Brown (8th), Brecken Furlow (7th) and Hadi Hammoud (7th) tied for the Individual Champion.
After the League championship was decided, a two-day Super Tournament was held at Stout.  Bryant split its players into five 5-person teams to compete for more trophies within three divisions.  Four Bryant teams won trophies from their respective divisions.
Thank you to Mr. Brown for serving as coach for the team again this year.