Volunteers and Donations Needed for Bryant Bathroom Update!

Volunteers and Donations Needed! Monday August 20th at 10:30am The student council along with the PTA will be completing much needed bathroom makeovers for the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms located outside of the auditorium. Together we are replacing mirrors, shelving, hardware, and installing new hand dryers and air fresheners. The student council has designed some … Read more

Levagood Trip Reminders

Here are a few few reminders about the Levagood Trip: Students are reminded to bring any item to Levagood that they would like to use for the day ( bathing suits, towels, basketball, baseball mitt, bat, volleyball, board game, cards, etc).  Students should NOT bring cell phones to the park/pool.  Cell phones must be kept in … Read more

Dearborn Residents Reminded of Laws Related to Fireworks Use

As Fourth of July approaches, Dearborn residents are reminded to follow state and local laws regarding the purchase and use of fireworks, as well as to exercise extreme caution. Consumer fireworks only allowed on certain days   In addition to low-impact fireworks such as sparklers, there are powerful or airborne fireworks, known as “consumer” fireworks, that are … Read more

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