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Bryant Middle School

Message to the Community from the Dearborn Police Department Regarding School Threats

It is a top priority of the Dearborn Police Department to ensure the safest possible environment for the thousands of students and faculty who attend and participate in the Dearborn Schools community each day. The Dearborn Police Department will continue to provide the highest level of service and special attention to all schools, public, charter and private. We have developed partnerships with the schools throughout the city and have been in contact with school leadership to address any concerns. Dearborn Police Officers and Police School Resource Officers will continue an increased presence in and around the schools to help ensure the safety of all. Detectives will investigate any threats made to schools and we will continue to work with all of our law enforcement partners (local, state and federal) to resolve possible criminal activity. Please continue to report any suspicious or perceived dangerous activity to the Dearborn Police. Any fictitious threats or false reporting of threats will be thoroughly investigated and carry the potential of criminal prosecution.

Report Suspicious Activity to 313.943.3030

“One Team ~ One Mission ~ One Dearborn”