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Bryant Middle School

Dearborn Healthy Streets are Coming

These slow shared streets are being piloted on Riverside Street, Wilson Street, Diversey Street and Penn Street throughout the City of Dearborn starting April 22, 2021. The goal is to create slower and safer streets that make it easier for residents who live on or near them to engage in healthy outdoor activity.

You can also join us on Wednesday, April 7th at 7 p.m. for a Dearborn Healthy Streets Informational Webinar, which will also be live streamed on the Healthy Dearborn’s Facebook page and zoom.

The Dearborn Healthy Streets pilot project is being organized by Healthy Dearborn with support from the City of Dearborn. This is not a city-wide community event, but we welcome nominations for future slow shared streets! Please visit Dearborn Healthy Streets to learn more about this demonstration project.

For more information about Dearborn Healthy Streets, please contact Tracy Besek (Levagood Neighborhood Resident) at