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Bryant Middle School

6th Grade A Day/B Day Explanation: Schedule Change as of November 16, 2020

As stated in an earlier communication this week, we will be changing the remote learning schedule on Monday, November 16th.  It is our hope that this new schedule will create a more consistent learning environment for students.  

We will still be using an A-Day/B-Day format so I’d like to share additional information about how that will work moving forward.  Mr. Renko and Mrs. Turfe are editing the attendance module in student schedules over the next two days.  Once this task is completed, students should see their A Day/B Day classes in both Student Connect and in Schoology.  Here are some key points:

  • Students will have ELA and Math classes daily
  • Social Studies and Sciences classes will rotate on an A Day/B Day schedule
  • Students on the Dicks/Griffin/Makowski/Blaylock/Dagher/Flack team will have Mrs. Dagher (Science) on A-Days and Mrs. Flack (Social Studies) on B-Days
  • Students on the Taha/Bailey/Peterson/Jones team will have Ms. Jones (Social Studies) on A-Days and Mr. Peterson (Science) on B-Days.
  • Students on the Martin/Dailing/Peterson/Jones team will have Mr. Peterson (Science) on A-Days and Ms. Jones (Social Studies) on B-Days.
  • Students Block IV (6th hour) extended core classes rotate each day and follow an A Day/B Day schedule.  They should have PE one day and another extended core class (Art, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Life Skills or Tech Ed).  Students will need to check their schedule in Student Connect to determine which class is attended on A-Day and which class is attended on B-Day

Thanks for your continued support.

Bryant Middle School – Remote Learning Schedule – 6th Grade (November 16, 2020)