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Bryant Middle School

Parents Accounts in Schoology

Parent accounts have been created for all parents that have a valid email address on file.

Parents will go to *

Students will still go to

Once parents login in, they should change their password. (Their user name will be the same as their Parent Connect user name with a P before the number. Thus, if their Parent Connect user name is 1234567, their Schoology user name will be p1234567).

Parents without an email address in MiStar
If a parent does not have an email in MiStar, we need to add an email into MiStar (please note that this must not be a duplicate email address). Adding to MiStar can be completed by a school secretary or the parent can add an email through ParentConnect.

Additional Information
*The Parent URL sent in the email will also have the school code embedded at the end of the URL. So it will actually be (where the x’s are numbers representing the school code).