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Bryant Middle School

Message from Mrs. Boussi

Dear Bryant Middle School Students,

The end of the school year brings the expected joy at finishing another year, and perhaps some sadness at leaving behind a year filled with great experiences, teachers, and friends. This may be a bittersweet time and I would like to celebrate as you ease any anxiety associated with the end-of-school days.

The daily life and structure of school you have grown used to (both in school and virtually) is about to end. You may be simply overjoyed to enter the free and easy days of summer, but more likely, you are probably experiencing some nervousness about leaving the familiar world of school. Will you see your friends over the summer? Will you ever see your teacher again? You may even already be worried about the unfamiliar and uncertainties that next school year brings.

  • I want you to know you don’t have to feel unequivocally happy about school ending even though you may hear other classmates being happy about summer vacation.
  • Keep in touch with your classmates. What friends would you like to keep seeing over the summer, and gather their contact information (maybe emails or phone numbers)? You can always stay in touch virtually, too!
  • If you feel attached to a certain teacher(s), write them an end-of-year thank-you letter or card, or create some other kind of remembrance. This will help you feel connected to your teacher and being able to give is something that will last beyond the classroom.
  • I have attached an end of year activity to this; if you would like me to mail you a copy, please let me know. This project is something you can do alone or with a family member to help you close out the school year and think about all of your accomplishments and moments to celebrate! 🙂
  • Finally, if you are anxious about a new building or new grade, please reach out to me at anytime during the summer. You do not have to walk into a new situation without help easing your worries.

I have enjoyed working with each and every single one of you and I wish you a summer full of life, hope and fun! I cannot wait to connect with you next school year and hear about all of the adventures/stories of Summer 2020.

BMS – End of the Year Activity

Mrs. Boussi, LMSW School Social Worker

Bryant Middle School