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Bryant Middle School

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4 – 8)

This passage is from an article in the May 4th edition of USA Today:

Remember when you didn’t think about teachers much all day? 

They taught fractions and literature behind closed doors. Their work felt normal and necessary. We knew some were underpaid and underappreciated. Strikes that shut down schools in Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago stirred public support and highlighted teachers’ plight. 

Then public schools serving approximately 55 million children in America shut down overnight, leaving parents to oversee the academic progress of their children at home. Through the coronavirus pandemic, millions of families realized that teachers are not just convenient but essential. 

“How most teachers are being viewed right now is right up there with health care workers,” said Ruth Faden, a professor of biomedical ethics at Johns Hopkins University. “Now is the time to give the biggest possible shout-out to teachers.”

The Bryant PTA posted the following on the Bryant PTA Facebook page (Sunday, May 3rd):

Teacher Appreciation Week starts tomorrow, Monday May 4- Friday May 8th, and this year it is especially significant! Please find the time this week to thank our Bryant teachers and staff members for all their hard work this year and especially for how well they stepped up and adapted quickly in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

Feel free to drop a line here in the comments (Facebook Page) and shout out the awesome staff and administration in the building including principals, secretaries, support staff or a teacher who’s made an great impact in your child’s life.

Other ways to show your appreciation:
1)Write an email or have your child write an email to their teacher expressing their gratitude and thanks
2)Check in on a teacher and their families…ask if they’re okay, as they are also managing this pandemic in their own family lives
3)Send an E card
4)Send an E gift card 
5)Send a video message! Have your child record a short, sweet video and email it out to their teachers! 
6)Wear red on National Teacher Day (May 6th) and use the social media hashtag #RedforEd

Thank You to all the staff at Bryant Middle School! Thank You for caring for your students! Thank You for educating them!