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Bryant Middle School

6th & 7th grade – Levagood Field Trip, June 13

Students in 6th and 7th grade are invited to attend the student success celebration at Levagood Park. Students must follow the core values, work hard, and have minimal behavior issues. 

The teachers of Bryant Middle School will be chaperoning our annual celebration at Levagood on Wednesday, June 13, 2019.

Students who hope to attend must:

  1. Have good attendance. Students with excessive tardiness and/or absences will not be permitted to participate
  2. Turn in their completed permission slip (attached) and $5.00 fee to the advisory teacher by, Friday, May 31st. (Cash only please.)
  3. Have cleared all of their school fines and fees (classroom, textbook, cafeteria, and library).
  4. Be a student in “good standing” on June 13th (not suspended). Any student suspended after April 9th will forfeit his/her opportunity to attend and the money paid. Any student is assigned three or more detentions after April 8th, 2019, will forfeit his/her chance to attend and the money paid.  Any student with multiple suspensions this school year may be excluded.
  5. Not be failing classes and/or missing multiple assignments, or he/she will forfeit his/her opportunity to attend and the money paid.

Permission slip (attached) and $5.00 cash must be turned in to the advisory teacher no later than Friday, May 31st.

6th & 7th Grade Levagood Permission Slip