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Bryant Middle School

Summer Learning: Math and Literacy

Dear Parent/Guardian,

According to Johns Hopkins University, the effects of summer learning loss can result in nearly a three-month loss in grade-level equivalency in math and a two-month loss in grade-level equivalency in reading.  In order to close the summer learning loss gap in reading and math, middle school students will be expected to complete Summer Learning before they return in the fall. Teachers will grade the completed summer work when school opens in August.  Below are the expectations for math and literacy.  Thank you so much for supporting your child’s development through summer learning.


  • Complete 60 minutes of Khan Academy a week (Practice only, videos will not count), based on their NWEA level.
  • Students need to access Khan through Clever from the Dearborn Schools Student page.



Below is the grade breakdown by minutes for Math.

480+ minutes    A  

384 – 479           B

336 – 383           C

288 – 335           D


  • Read 3-5 books from your building’s recommended reading list.  Please check the Bryant School blog for recommended book lists and rubrics for the Book Talk presentations that will be shared in the fall.
  • Be prepared to present a Book Talk in September when you return to school.
  • Book Talk rubric