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Bryant Middle School

Bryant Traffic Flow – Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

For the past three years, Corporal Chad Hanson has assisted with directing traffic at the intersection of Coburn and Vernon during morning drop-off.  His leadership in this area has helped reduce traffic congestion and has helped keep the Bryant students safe as they arrive to school each morning.  Recently, he has noticed that traffic congestion continues to create problems and is getting worse and not better.

Please remember to follow these guidelines as you drop-off and pick-up your child:

  • Cell phone usage while driving is a distraction.  Please refrain from making phone calls around the school.
  • Parents should not park in bus lanes or in the vicinity of the intersection of Coburn and Vernon.
  • Students should exit/enter a car on the curb side to avoid traffic.
  • Student drop-off should take less than 30 seconds.
  • Students are encouraged to walk to school.  When at all possible, drop-off/pick-up your child at least one block away from the school.

In addition to these reminders, we are going to work to create a traffic pattern to alleviate the traffic congestion at the corner of Coburn and Vernon.  Changing traffic flow is never an easy thing to do; it requires the support and participation of all drivers in order to work.  Please take a moment and review the attached map and notice these changes.  Also, continue to follow Corporal Hanson’s directive during morning drop-off time.  We will attempt to follow the same guidelines in the afternoon without his presence.

Bryant Traffic Flow Letter Corporal Hanson

Bryant Traffic Flow – Map