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Bryant Middle School

Recycle at Home, Recycle at School

The students of Bryant Middle School are participating in a pilot recycling program called ‘Recycle at Home, Recycle at School’.  Dearborn Public Schools has developed a partnership with the City of Dearborn (Sean Adams) and Recycle Ann Arbor (Bryan Weinert).  The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of materials that are placed in the dumpster by one-third each week.  Students will place green containers full of paper waste, plastic bottles and other recyclables on the curb each Wednesday.  Faculty sponsors from the Green Schools Committee and City Beautiful Committee with be working with a number of students to implement the program.  The program officially started this morning….first pick up is Wednesday, May 4th.

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Recycle at Home Recycle at School Quick Start Guide – April 2016

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