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Bryant Middle School

Science Fair

Science Fair:

The Bryant Middle School PTA sponsored science fair was held May 21st.  This was an outstanding event.  We are grateful for the student effort, parent support and staff dedication.  This was an extra educational opportunity.  This parent and school collaboration is what helps each child achieve their full potential.

Congratulations to our participants:

1st place:  Arsalan Khan “The Future of Fuel”

2nd place:  Emma Obermiller and Caroline Giedeman “Can Music Affect Grades?”

3rd place:  Cindy Hakim and Yasmeen Berry “Variations in Lung Capacity”

Participants:  Kelsey Montgomery, Mohammed Alzergani, Hassan Rammouni, Ameer Chehab, Leila Hamka, Braeden Furlow, Casey Edwards, Arsalan Khan, Emma Obermiller, Caroline Giedeman, Cindy Hakim, Yasmeen Berry, Anthony AlAziz , Ali Algebori, Tamara Salame, Lana Hammoud, Ahmad Makki, Spencer Dickhudt, Eduardo Mireles, Ali Alzergani, Joseph AlAziz, Marwa Saad, Maiya Yehia, Mohamad Aldilfi, Timothy AlAziz, Ameen Algabri, Lillian Aitkens, Ahmed Dakhlallah, Isabella Hadous, Stella Arsenault, Ameila Tennant, Tian Pakko, Laura Kemian, Evelyn Schobert, Laila Noureddine, Emma Enquist, Anika Sallam, Rendia Smith, Angela Garcia, Mehdi Fawaz, Andrea Bleau, Joey Grenn, Jasmine Almasseri, Denal Stinson, Chris Mazur, Ayah Aldoum, Mohammad Elayan, Muhammad Elmokadem

Thank you PTA, Mrs. Dakhlallah and Mrs. Khan for your support.  Thank you to Mrs. Allen for your time and guidance. Thank you to Mrs. Peck, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Dagher, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Farkas and Ms. Murphy.