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Bryant Middle School

Advanced Math Criteria

As spring approaches, we will be looking at which 6th and 7th grade students are eligible and prepared for success in advance math classes.


Students must meet at least three out of the following five benchmarks.  At least one of the benchmarks must be the MEAP Requirement or the Practice Explore (ACT) requirement.

  1. Math MEAP Score = 1 (No student scoring a 3 or 4 is eligible)
  2. Practice Explore (ACT) Score ≥ 18 for 7th Grade Advance Math                                                   ≥ 20 for 8th Grade Advanced Math
  3. Year Long Formative Assessment Grade from electronic gradebook ≥85%
  4. Year Long Summative Assessment Grade from electronic gradebook ≥80%
  5. Computational Fluency as determined by StarMath Score ≥ 8 for 7th grade advance math; ≥9 for 8th grade advanced math.

Students who were not eligible and/or did not participate in 7th Grade Advanced Math, but meet the requirements for 8th grade Advanced Math, must demonstrate proficiency (80%) on additional Pre-Algebra Summative Assessment prior to being placed in Algebra.

*electronic gradebook grades include marking periods 1-5.