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Bryant Middle School

Welcome Back!

Today was a very busy morning.  Thank you to all parents who attended schedule pick-up day and brought the correct paperwork.  If your child showed up to school today, please be sure to send his/her completed emergency card tomorrow.

In the event you did not receive the “Welcome Back” letter, it is copied below:


 Dear Parents/Guardians,

 Welcome to another exciting year at Bryant Middle School.  Each year is a chance to begin again, set new goals and strive to be the best each one of us can be.  We, the Bryant Middle School staff, are looking forward to working in partnership with you to help your child(ren) be successful.  This truly is a joint venture we are eager to begin.

 Last year, Bryant was designated as a Focus school due to our achievement gap.  Although we will remain in the 2012 Focus School cohort for the next three years, we were able to substantially reduce our gap to the extent that we have not been id  When necessary, intervention classes are scheduled for students in need of extra assistance and support.  We also have an extended day program for students who need academic assistance.

Middle school children go through tremendous changes physically, socially and emotionally.  They are most successful in a structured and challenging environment.  Although they will beg for independence, they need the adults in their lives to support them and provide this clear and consistent structure.  There are multiple ways you can support your child through these exciting times:

  • Register and regularly check parent connect.  Once a day is not too often!

  • Visit the Bryant website and teachers’ blogs.  There is a wealth of information there.

  • Check your child’s planner and ask to see your child’s completed homework.

  • Provide a quiet place for your child to do homework.

  • Every night, set aside at least 20 minutes for your child to read.  Ask them to tell you what they have read.

  • Monitor your child’s activities; especially who his/her friends are, where he/she is going and his/her use of the internet.

  • Get to know the parents of your child’s friends.  “It takes a village to raise a child.”

  • Take your child’s cell phone and/or internet device from them at bedtime.

  • Get involved:  join PTSA, volunteer at our school and/or attend activities.

  • Sign up for Bryant e-news alerts at

We will support each student and monitor the school environment including:

  • Reviewing and enforcing the Code of Conduct to insure a safe, educational environment.

  • Identifying students that need a more challenging curriculum and differentiate.

  • Identifying students who need reading, writing and/or math support and place them in appropriate intervention classes or extended day tutoring.

  • Keep parent connect and teacher blogs up-to-date.

  • Meet with parents of students performing below grade level in reading and/or math and initiate parent/school contract.

 Together, we can help each child achieve success.  We look forward to meeting you at Open House on September 25th. Open house will begin at 6pm in the auditorium. The Title 1 parent meeting will take place at 5:30pm.  Please check the Bryant website for more information:


Shannon Peterson