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Bryant Middle School

Spring break activity: Vocabulary Challenge!

Bryant students, would you like to win a Nook?

The vocabulary challenge is a chance for you to learn 100 words every middle school student should know and earn the chance to win a Nook.  Click on the link found on the Bryant website to enter the challenge.

What do you have to do? 

  1. Beginning March 29th, log in to iLearn and begin learning the 100 words in our vocabulary challenge. 
  2. Complete at least 3 of the activities listed in this course.
  3. On April 30th, students how have completed 1 and 2 above will be given a chance to take the vocabulary challenge quiz.  Students will earn raffle tickets for the Nook according to their score.
    1. 1 raffle ticket for participating
    2. 3 raffle tickets for scoring 70-79% on the vocabulary challenge quiz
    3. 5 raffle tickets for scoring 80-89% on the vocabulary challenge quiz
    4. 7 raffle tickets for scoring 90-95% on the vocabulary challenge quiz
    5. 12 raffle tickets for scoring 96-99% on the vocabulary challenge quiz
    6. 15 raffle tickets for scoring 100% on the vocabulary challenge quiz

    Once the final vocabulary challenge quiz is taken and scored, students will receive their raffle tickets.  The raffle drawing for the Nook will be on May 3rd.
    Good Luck!

Click Here to Enroll and Follow Instructions: