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Bryant Middle School

Bryant’s Courtyard Garden Club to be run be students…


Bryant’s Courtyard Garden Club

            It has been a tough summer for the courtyard.  Many of the plants bloomed early and are now in fall mode.  Even with watering, many plants were not strong enough to endure the heat and lack of natural rain.  Fall clean up will be a big job for the club.

Natural Wonders has come a long way and is now ready to be used by the staff and students of Bryant.  Last spring, students planted corn, beans, peas, squash, carrots, cucumbers and pumpkin that will be harvested when school resumes.  The pond has been a blessing for the birds and wildlife in the area.  The plants in the pond did not mind the hot dry weather at all.  Both the water hyacinths and water lilies are in full bloom.

Now that the major building of the courtyard is finished, the governing of the club will be turned over to student administrators with my assistance.  Grace Joachim, 8th grader, has accepted the position of CGC President.  Her mother has kindly offered to help with the parent participation.  The major focus for the club is total student and staff involvement on a learning, enjoyment, and responsibility basis.  The responsibility of student body would include but not limited to, respect for the area and its wildlife along with some financial support.  The courtyard’s usage will be at the staffs’ discretion.

Many people and organizations have made Bryant’s Natural Wonders Courtyard a sustainable mini-ecosystem; Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, Dearborn Garden Club, PTSA, Home Depot, community donors, parents, and student fundraisers.  Five years have passed since Ms. Tozzi (now retired teacher) and Bryant’s students started this project.  These students have built a legacy for the future.  Ms. Tozzi’s tenacity and vision were the foundation for our “Natural Wonders” courtyard. Ms. Tozzi’s dedication continued for several years after her official retirement.  She worked tirelessly and often daily to help our students realize this dream.  Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters!