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Bryant Middle School

Remembering Mr. Cipriano

Speaking words of wisdom far beyond his young age of 17, Tanner Cipriano delivered an inspirational message at his father’s funeral service on April 25, 2012.  The crowd of more than 1,500 laughed, cried, and remembered as Tanner spoke about Bob Cipriano and all that he had learned from him.

As Tanner drew to a close his message turned from remembering his father to that of living life like his father.  Standing only a few feet from the casket this young man was asking the crowd to forgive and love.  He said that it’s what his father did time and time again and asked everyone gathered there that day to do the same.


Tanner ended his message with the words:

 “Just Keep Loving People, JKLP”.


So that we never forget Tanner’s inspirational message, the Dearborn Public Schools will be selling rose colored bracelets (in support of Bob’s wife Rose and son Sal who have a long recovery ahead of them) inscribed with the words “Just Keep Loving People.” The minimum donation for a bracelet is $5 with all proceeds being shared between projects that will directly support the Cipriano family and the District’s initiative to create a scholarship and yearly cross-country running event as a memorial to Bob.  The cross country event will benefit a large number of Dearborn  Public Schools elementary and middle school children. This was one of the last projects that Bob was working on. 


Bracelets are available in the Bryant Office.

Checks should be made payable to the Dearborn Education Foundation with the memo “Cipriano Memorial Fund” on the check. All proceeds collected by the Foundation will be directly passed on to the projects mentioned above.