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Schedule Pick-up reminder

Schedule pick-up for 7th and 8th grade is today, August 31.  7th graders may come at 6pm to pick-up schedules.  8th graders may come at 7:15pm.  Students and parents MUST bring the completed emergency card that was sent out.  The school closes at 8pm. 6th grade schedule pick-up is September 1st.  Please come at 6pm. … Read more

School will soon begin!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful summer.  As we begin to prepare for the return of autumn, homework and lots of learning, please continue to watch the website for news.   An updated supply list will be posted daily.  Don’t forget schedule pick-up dates too.  Enjoy the last, few days of August.  September is just … Read more

Thank you parents!

Welcome to summer!  We had many activities going on the last week of school.  These would not have been possible without the generous support of our parents.  Thank you for volunteering to help.  Have a wonderful summer!

Last week of school

We have a lot going on next week: June 7th – 8th grade trip to Cedar Point June 8th – locker clean out for 6th and 7th grade June 9th – 6th/7th grade Student Success Celebration at Levagood – must be invited to attend June 9th – locker clean out for the 8th grade and … Read more

Pink day a success!

Thanks to all of the students and staff that supported our bully-free day.  We had a sea of pink at school today.  The majority of the students and all of the staff (including our cafeteria staff) wore pink to show that they are supportive of a bully-free environment.  Over 150 students wore the shirt designed … Read more