District, City, & Community Partners To Conduct Emergency Readiness Exercise

Police, EMS, local hospitals, and school personnel will take part on June 19, 2018 practice at William Ford Elementary. The planning started over a year ago and on Tuesday, June 19, 2018, the Dearborn Public Schools will partner with several different organizations in the city to conduct an emergency readiness exercise at William Ford Elementary School, 14749 Alber Street, Dearborn … Read more

Levagood Trip Reminders

Here are a few few reminders about the Levagood Trip: Students are reminded to bring any item to Levagood that they would like to use for the day ( bathing suits, towels, basketball, baseball mitt, bat, volleyball, board game, cards, etc).  Students should NOT bring cell phones to the park/pool.  Cell phones must be kept in … Read more

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