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Bryant Middle School

Bryant Middle School participates in “Hats on Day” on October 31st

Bryant Middle School students have the opportunity to wear a hat to school on Monday, October 31st if they donate at least $1.00 to the Foundation for Children with Cancer.

All proceeds to to the Foundation for Children with Cancer.

Did you know?

  • Every year, 12,400 children 
and teens are newly diagnosed with cancer, and one in four die. The fact is startling, but to parents and families, who hold a child in their arms, cancer rates are meaningless and futile on that day of diagnosis.
  • The Foundation for Children with Cancer (FCC) has received more than $140,000 for pediatric cancer patients through the organization’s “Hats On Day” , a national, school-based program in which students donate $1.00 or more for the privilege of wearing a hat to school.
  • Proceeds provide financial assistance to the families of pediatric cancer patients for mortgage/rent payments, utilities, groceries, travel and other personal expenses that are incurred while their child receives medical treatments.
  • “The goal of the ‘Hats On Day’ program is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families. It helps to raise awareness about childhood cancer and allows students to show support and compassion for young cancer patients”, said Renee Kirkiewicz, executive director of Reach Our Children, FCC’s parent organization.