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Bryant Middle School

End of the year news for 8th grade parents

8th grade students will be bringing home a letter today regarding the end of the year activities.  Just in case it doesn’t make it to you, here is the information.
Dear Parent/Guardian,
The end of the school year is approaching quickly. As our eighth graders reach an important
milestone in their lives, we wish to celebrate with you. This letter has been written in an effort to
give you a list of important dates and information.
o June 6th – Cedar Point Trip
o Permission slip and money is due by April 12th. Students must be in good
standing to attend. Any student suspended during the spring or failing classes will lose their privilege to attend and money paid.
o June 9th – Rehearsal for promotion ceremony during school
o June 10th – 8th grade promotion ceremony at 9am
o Girls are expected to wear a “dress” outfit. Skirts, dresses and dress pants are
appropriate. School dress code still applies. If you purchase a sundress with thin
straps, you will be expected to have a cardigan sweater, shrug or shawl.
Dress/skirt length must cover the majority of the thigh.
o Boys are expected to wear dress pants or Dockers and a collared shirt. Suits may
be worn but are not required. School dress code still applies. Shorts may not be
worn for the ceremony.
o Shoes: please make sure your child can easily walk in the shoes they are wearing.
Due to limited space, in fairness to all families, please limit family attendance to 3 members per
family for the Promotion Ceremony.
The PTSA is working diligently to help us plan these events for your children. If you wish to volunteer, please contact your PTSA board members or call the school and we will forward information to them. We look forward to sharing this wonderful time with you.
Shannon Peterson