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Bryant Middle School

Bryant Middle School Community Service Project

Bryant Student Council and the Bryant Middle School Community, in association with the DFT,  are invited to participate in a community service project for our troops overseas.

The following items will be collected between March 1st and March 25th in Ms. Magee’s room.

Beef Jerky/Slim Jim, coffee (gound), powder drink mix(Gatorade, Crystal Light), tuna and chicken salad (in foil pouches, or ready-to-eat kits) NO CANS, PLEASE, protein powder, protein bars, hot chocolate packets, tea packets, cheetos, hard pretzels, fritos, chips, fruit roll ups, peanuts, cashews, mixed, mac-n-cheese, Lettle Debbies and Hostess Cake products, cereal (small individual boxes or packets), gum, hard candy, m & ms.

Body wash, liquid soap, facial cleanser, shampoo/conditioner (travel size-no hotel samples, please) combs brushes, bobby pins, Lip Balm, Chap Stick, Carmex, Blistex.

Nerf footballs, Whiffle bats, balls and mitts, frisbees, Hackey Sacks, UNO, decks of cards, yo, yo’s, and small games in boxes (new games only please)

Please include a card or note to the soldiers from you or your family when you drop off your items.  Thank you!!