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Bryant Middle School

Keep our students safe!

Dropping off and picking up students

The Dearborn police came out today and are working with us to promote student safety.  They asked me to remind parents of these safety issues/laws before they start writing tickets

Student safety is our number one concern! Please remember to follow the Michigan driving laws:

  • You must park 30 feet from a stop sign
  • You must park 20 feet from a crosswalk
  • You may not block a driveway.
  • You may not park where the yellow paint is present.
  • Please do not drop off or pick up your child in the bus lanes on Rex street between Drexel and Mayburn (back doors of school). Drop your students off on Drexel (before the busses) or on Mayburn (after the busses).
  • Using cell phones while driving is against the law.

The police also offered the following safety tips:

  • Please do not stop in the middle of the street to let your child get in the car.
  • Please remind your child to use the crosswalk and not run out between the cars or busses.

Thanks for helping to keep our students safe.